Why We’re Obsessing Over The Botox Brow Lift

As we all know Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are not one-trick ponies. With migraine relief, sweat reduction and bladder control up its sleeves, Allergan’s Botox in particular has been FDA-approved for all manner of skin and health concerns and, as Dr. Mitchell F.Brin, neurologist and chief scientific officer at Allergan so aptly puts it: “it’s the molecule that keeps on giving.”

It literally is.

One of Botox’s more recent notches in its belt is the brow lift, a fantastic, non-surgical alternative to eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty).

As facial skin ages, it loses collagen which supports the skin like a scaffold and helps keep it tight, firm and youthful-looking. This is why mature skin becomes lax and starts to sag. Couple this with muscle tone loss, fat pad loss and years of continued frowning which pulls the skin down towards the nose and it’s no wonder those poor eyelids start to droop.

We’re not going to lie, eye lift surgery is without doubt, the most effective weapon in the battle against drooping eyes, so, if it’s drastic, long-lasting results you’re after, this is your best option. But if the thought of skin and fat being removed from your eyelids and muscles being tightened through a small incision doesn’t float your boat, a Botox brow lift is an awesome alternative that won’t cost a fortune and doesn’t involve hiding behind oversized sunglasses for a month.

With the eyes being the window of the soul, however, it’s important to tread carefully if you’re thinking of taking the plunge. A Botox brow lift requires a very detailed understanding of both the anatomy of your face and your individual expressions, specifically while you’re animating your eyebrows. Incorrect assessment or poor placement can often lead to disastrous results, so technique and experience is paramount. Because of this you should choose your injector carefully to make sure a) they’re experienced in brow lift procedures, b) can provide you with examples of previous patients and c) you get on with them like a house on fire – there’s nothing worse than an injector with a poor bedside manner, after all.

A Botox brow lift procedure works by carefully injecting small amounts of Botox into the muscles that depress the brow. This causes the brow to rest and relax in a lifted position. Simple. Botox can similarly be administered to reshape your eyebrows if that’s what you’re in the market for. Hello, perfect red-carpet arches – buh-bye straight, angry brows. The process takes around 15-20 minutes and, although it’s pretty painless, if you’re a sensitive soul, your injector may apply numbing cream prior to your treatment. Cue: sighs of relief all round.

Just remember, as with all minimally-invasive options, there are definite limits to how much you can do without surgery. But the Botox brow lift is definitely something to consider adding to your treatment plan if drooping eyelids are up there as one of your main concerns.

Ask your aesthetician to see if it’s an option for you. And may your eyes be catwalk-ready in no time.