Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Start A Treatment Plan

If you ask us, every day is a great day to sign up for a treatment plan with your favorite aesthetic provider. But perhaps we’re biased… OK, we’re definitely biased.

When it comes to the ‘perfect’ time, however, if we had to pick a season, fall would totally be it. But first things first, let’s just remind you what a treatment plan actually is.

In simple terms, a treatment plan is a skincare regime, professionally curated by your chosen expert (think derm, plastic surgeon, aesthetic physician etc.) to give you the skin you deserve. Everyone’s plan is different, but it may include anything from fillers, Botox and lasers through to medical-grade facials, skincare, the works. And there’s more, not only does your plan include everything you could need to nail your aesthetic concerns (even body contouring treatments and laser hair removal), but instead of paying for these treatments in one – gulp – go you get to split the payments into low-recurring monthly instalments.

Like the sound of that? Good.

So, what does all this mean for you? Well, most subscription plans include special member-only pricing, discounts and freebies, so saying hello to your best self suddenly becomes much more affordable for one. And for another, it means you get to maintain consistent aesthetic results all year long by never missing a scheduled appointment.

Now, back to this awesome time of year to sign up for a subscription plan – fall. Sandwiched between summer (read: major sun) and winter (aka: the holiday season), fall is the perfect time to do some serious repair work on your skin. Think about it. For the past few months it’s been subjected to super-strong UV radiation, and no matter how strict your SPF routine is, sometimes there’s just no getting away from that big delicious ball of fire in the sky. Also, party season is just around the corner, and you’re going to want to look your best for all those parties you’re bound to be invited to, right? Right.

Here are some of our favorite skincare treatments and products for adding to your plan, like now…

Chemical Peel

Any kind of exfoliation makes the skin much more sensitive to the sun, so while it’s totally fine to get a chemical peel any time of the year, fall and winter are best. As the days get shorter and cooler, you’re likely to be spending way more time inside than during spring and summer when the sun is at its best. This is great for your post-peel skin because it means plenty of time for healing and repairing itself. Sure, you will still need to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you venture outside, but c’mon, you knew that, anyway.

Laser Hair Removal

Because it’s equally as vital to avoid sun exposure before and after laser hair removal, fall and winter are also the ideal times for kick-starting your hair-free skin regime. And because a hair removal plan using laser or IPL takes around six months to fully see results, start now and by the time spring arrives your skin will be as smooth as butter. Bring on the jean shorts.


Retinol is one of the most effective skincare ingredients out there for smoothing, brightening, clarifying, firming, and pretty much anything else you could ask for. The only problem is, they make the skin extremely sensitive to the sun, so they’re perfect for introducing into your skincare plan over the cooler, grayer months of the year.

We always recommend starting with a low concentration of retinol – perhaps 0.25 percent – and applying it every other evening, then you can build on this as your skin acclimates. Our favorite of the moment? Alastin Renewal Retinol which is available in both 0.25 and 0.5 percent.


To help repair sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, a monthly or six-weekly HydraFacial is just what the skin doctor ordered. HydraFacials suit all skin types, can be tailored for almost any skincare concern, offer immediate AND long-term benefits, and when it comes to visible results? Well, they beat regular facials hands down. Start your HydraFacial plan in the fall and those little sun spots and discoloration issues will get taken care of in no time.