Why Belotero Balance Is Face-Changingly Good

Like sunscreen, moisturizer, sleep and water, we count injectable fillers as part and parcel of the perfect, all-round treatment plan.

No longer taboo, you’re now more likely to be asked: “wow, who’s your injector?” than frowned upon because you look so good, or talked about behind your back by your so-called ‘friends’. And rightly so. After all, why shouldn’t you look your absolute best at any age? You wear make-up to enhance your features, you go the gym to maintain your figure and you cut your hair to flatter your face. So, why not help your skin with a little filler every now and again?

Thanks to its increasing popularity, the world of dermal fillers is constantly growing and you only have to turn your back for five minutes when a newly approved treatment has been launched into the market. From Restylane to Radiesse and Voluma to Volbella the choices can seem mind-blowingly confusing sometimes. Which is why, dear readers, you have us to enlighten you on the hows, whats and whys. You’re welcome.

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on Belotero Balance and caught up with top plastic surgeon in the Bay Area Dr. Shahin Fazilat, M.D, FACS to fill you in on all the details (no pun intended)…

Q. If You Could Sum Up Belotero Balance In Three Words, What Would They Be?

A. “Silky, smooth, and natural-looking.”

Q. So, What Exactly Is Belotero Balance And How Does It Work?

A. “Belotero Balance is a beautiful product that allows me to smooth stubborn etched-in lines and wrinkles. The results are natural-looking and immediate. It also works great under the eyes for patients who are concerned with dark circles or hollowness.”

Q. How Does It Differ To Other Injectable Fillers?

A. “Many fillers on the market have a sort of blue hue to them, which can cause something called the Tyndall effect. The Tyndall effect occurs when these fillers are injected too close to the skin’s surface, and it leaves behind a kind of blue-ish gray tint under the injection site. With Belotero, however, I’ve found I can inject much more superficially without this unwanted effect, meaning I can target troublesome areas with greater ease.”

Q. Be Honest, Does It Hurt?

A. “Well, the initial poke is never comfortable, but because Belotero is specifically used for fine lines and/or wrinkles it should be less painful than deeper injectables. This product doesn’t include painkilling lidocaine, which helps ease discomfort, but an experienced injector will be able to make the treatment as painless as possible. We also give our patients pink ice packs to numb the area being treated!”

Q. What Should A Patient Expect During The Procedure?

A. “Most importantly, patients should expect to discuss their desired results with their provider prior to injection. The area being treated is then numbed with a topical numbing agent or an ice pack, and then cleansed with an alcohol pad. Expect a few small pokes… and beautiful results! Remember, minor bruising and swelling around the injection site is normal. And do not drink alcohol or take blood thinning medication less than two or three days before the appointment.”

Q. How Long Before The Benefits Can Be Enjoyed?

A. “That’s the best thing – results are seen immediately. We also provide our patients with complimentary SinEcch, a high-powered arnica tablet that helps reduce bruising and swelling post-treatment.”

Q. How Much Does Belotero Cost And Do Results Last?

A. “Belotero is about $700 per syringe and one syringe can usually treat multiple areas. In regards to results, it depends where the product is injected, because high movement areas such as those around the mouth or eyes tend to break the product down quicker than less animated areas. Generally speaking, the product is indicated for up to six months.”

Q. Are There Any Potential Side-Effects?

A. “Swelling and bruising around the injection site is normal but this should only last for five days maximum.”

Q. Do You Have Any Other Pre or Post Treatment Advice?

A. “If you want to look great for a holiday party or specific occasion, try to schedule your appointment at least one or two weeks beforehand. This will ensure you look your absolute best at exactly the right time! For approximately 24 hours after your treatment, please avoid strenuous activity, extensive exposure to sun/heat, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, and alcoholic beverages.

Written by: Georgia Gould