Why An Aesthetic Subscription Might Just Change Your Life

If you’re new to HintMD, you may be wondering what the heck we’re all about. We get it. All this talk of aesthetic subscriptions, treatment plans and beauty memberships, what the… what?

But it’s actually quite simple. Sign up for an aesthetic subscription powered by HintMD and you instantly become a beauty member with your favorite aesthetic physician. As a member, you get to reap the benefits of a treatment plan that’s professionally curated by your chosen expert to give you the skin you deserve. This plan may include fillers, lasers, medical-grade facials, neurotoxins, skincare, the works, but instead of paying for these treatments in one go, you get to split the costs into one affordable monthly payment.

Think of it like this: it’s just like your membership at the gym, but instead of crushing your fitness goals, you’re concentrating on your top-to-toe aesthetic concerns, which may include anything from fine lines and wrinkles, through to thinning hair or cellulite.

And that’s not all. Often, an aesthetic subscription comes complete with discounts on services, so instead of paying $600 for your filler like a regular non-member, you might pay $500 for the same amount – split into monthly instalments, of course.

Many of our practices also offer VIP incentives such as free Botox after being on a plan for six months, or the chance to try a free HydraFacial after three months. This means, not only are you splitting up your payments, but you’re saving major dollars and trying out services you may otherwise have missed out on.

Other than the financial benefits, one of the biggest advantages to signing up for an aesthetic subscription is the consistency it gives you. Being a beauty member isn’t about coming in for your Botox treatment, then forgetting about your next appointment until a year later. Instead, your physician curates a carefully constructed plan which includes how frequently you should return for top-ups. Because this is planned out from day one, you’ll know where you are at all times (and your payments will reflect this). And don’t worry if you still forget to reschedule, our HintMD app offers 24/7 information on your plan, gives you access to your schedule, sends you reminders when your next appointment is due and allows you to directly contact your doctor, derm or aesthetician. This makes it oh-so-simple to stay on-track, which is the absolute key to consistently beautiful skin.

You’re welcome.

But, what if you want to alter your treatment plan due to your ever-changing skin? Perhaps you’ve tried that HydraFacial and want to include it in your subscription going forward. Or maybe you want to start receiving your medical-grade skincare on a three-monthly basis without ever having to leave the house. No problem, anything can be changed, added or removed from your plan at any time. In fact, you’ll probably find that your physician will want to switch things up throughout the year, anyway. After all, your skin is constantly changing and inevitably aging.

And that, dear friends, is what HintMD and aesthetic subscriptions are all about.

See? Simple.

Want to know more about how to sign up for an aesthetic subscription, powered by HintMD?

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