The Medical-Grade Masks You Need In Your Life

While aesthetic treatments at the doctor’s office are some of the most effective ways to maximize your skin’s true potential, there’s a lot to be said for a top notch medical-grade skincare plan.

Admittedly, no amount of moisturizer will ever get rid of your frown lines as effectively as Botox. And no, that lip treatment cream will never offer the same results as filler. But manage your expectations and overwhelming benefits can be achieved with a carefully curated skincare plan.

Not sure where to start? Then ask your physician what will work for your concerns, lifestyle and budget. Nobody knows your skin better than you, but similarly, nobody knows how to look after it better than them. We truly believe that.

So, on to face masks.

Finding the most effective at-home mask for your skin can do wonders for treating acne, reducing redness, boosting hydration, the works. The problem is, the options are endless. Which is why we like to live by one simple rule: disregard anything you can buy over-the-counter. Why? Because these sub-standard products are nowhere near as effective as those you find at the physician’s office. Fact.

Once you’ve done this, it really is quite simple to find a face mask that does the job for your skin type. Meet the medical-grade masks that are truly worth your money…

The Glow-Getter: Jan Marini Skin Research Marini Luminate Face Mask

If glowing skin is your thing, but achieving it feels like a near-impossible task, ask your physician about adding Marini Luminate Face Mask to your subscription plan. The perfect ten-minute mask for fading discoloration and improving overall tone and texture, it harnesses the powers of Chromabright, an active skin brightener; mandelic and lactic acids, plus green, white and red tea extracts.

The At-Home Peel: ZO Skin Health Enzymatic Peel

Love a good chemical peel at the doctor’s office, but looking for a way to keep up the same soft, bright skin in the comfort of your own home? Then thank the aesthetic gods for ZO Skin Health Enzymatic Peel. Gentle enough to use once or twice a week, but powerful enough to smooth and brighten the skin, this at-home peel combines glycolic acid with skin-loving lipids to hydrate and exfoliate. Great for visibly improving sun-damaged skin.

The Calming Influence: SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Mask

Super-sensitive skin often loathes at-home masks – think redness, tingling, even stinging – but SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Mask is here to rectify all that. A soothing, calming and rehydrating treatment, this mask is perfect for combating post-procedure irritation, as well as over-exposure to the sun or post-workout redness. In fact, it has been clinically tested to offer a 20 percent reduction in visible redness and a 47 percent reduction in discomfort with just one use.

The Dry Skin Destroyer: PCA Skin Hydrating Mask

Moisturizers and serums that are pumped with hyaluronic acid (HA) are the obvious choices for combating dryness, but include a hydrating mask in your weekly regime and you will effectively hit dry skin from all angles. We love PCA Skin Hydrating Mask for its calming powers as well as its deep hydration skills. Thank its cocktail of panthenol, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and oat milk extract for all of that.

The Deep Cleanse: Revision Skincare Black Mask

When it comes to purifying the skin, ditching unwanted impurities and reducing excess sebum, clay is often the ingredient go-to. But not just any clay. Revision Skincare uses the highest quality earth clays – kaolin and bentonite – in its Black Mask to offer a superior treatment for unclogging pores, leaving your skin feeling smooth, polished, clear and clean. Great for all skin types, but particularly effective for oily complexions, use it twice weekly for the best results.