Nail Your Aesthetic Goals By Adding Skincare To Your Treatment Plan

If you live and die by everything you read in the glossies, it’s hard to believe any skincare line can rival the likes of upscale brands such as La Mer, La Prairie, Sisley and SK-II. The truth, however, is that while these high-end players definitely have their place in the world of luxury and big bucks, there’s a whole other world of medical-grade skincare brands out there just waiting to transform your skin.

Let’s get a few things straight. When you buy a designer ‘miracle’ cream, you’re not just paying for what’s inside the bottle. Your hard-earned money is going on ad campaigns that promise the world, masterfully over-priced packaging, even celebrity ‘ambassadors’ who claim said cream will make your skin absolutely perfect – just like, ahem, theirs.

In contrast, medical-grade skincare generally cuts out all this nonsense to concentrate on the things that matter and the things that work ­– ingredients, formulations and technology. We don’t know about you, but given the choice, we’d rather skip the frills to spend our bucks on high-performance active ingredients that have strong scientific backing and deliver powerful, clinically-proven results.

Potent, powerful and way more effective, medical-grade skincare can only be found at your aesthetic physician’s office which gives you an indication of what’s inside the box – prescription-strength ingredients in the exact formulations to make them super-effective. Take retinol creams, for example. Yes, you can buy a retinol treatment at your local CVS, but rarely will it contain the concentration required to provide the best, visible results. In comparison, look to medical-grade retinol and you’ll oftentimes see the percentage right there on the packaging. Full disclosure from the beauty and skincare industry? You’ve got to love that.

The fact is, upgrading your products to clinical-strength is the only way to visibly and measurably change your skin for the long haul.

OK, so this is all well and good, but going to your aesthetic provider every month to stock up on your favorite medical-grade skincare can frankly, be a bit of a ball-ache. And we know it’s something a lot of people try to skirt around. Studies show that while consumers are happy to buy an initial medical-grade skincare  product from their physician, only about 30 percent of them will repeat this purchase at the practice. Ouch. This decreases even further to just 15 percent when purchasing the third time around. Why? Because everyone loves a bargain and why pay $100 again for an eye cream at your derm’s office, when you can get it for the bargain price of just $80 online? While the internet is undoubtedly one of the many wonders (and necessities) of modern life, it has totally changed the way we purchase everything from clothes and gifts, through to cars, vacations and even our pets. The internet gives us immediate access to new brands, stores and products, and allows us to save money while we’re at it.

But tell us this: have you ever made a ‘bargain’ online purchase only to receive a product that wasn’t quite right? Perhaps the label looked slightly wrong, the item smelled funny, or it had no bar code, manufacturer’s address or expiry date.

“Increasingly, counterfeit skincare packaging is resembling the true brand, so it is difficult for the consumer to know what is real,” explains board-certified dermatologist and founder of the Bay Area Laser Institute, Dr Vic Narurkar, M.D.

“The least harm they can do is not deliver on any results, but there can be significant harm including irritant dermatitis, contact dermatitis and pigmentary changes to name just a few of the side effects.”

Recent reports show that pharmaceuticals, personal care products and cosmetics are among the top five products confiscated by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, so, how can you ensure you aren’t tricked into buying fraudulent goods? Your best bet, of course, is to buy directly straight from the doctor’s office where, not only will you receive the genuine item, but you will also be prized with trained, professional advice about your skincare concerns. But again, this brings us back to the issues of time, effort, cost and convenience.

And this is where HintMD’s aesthetic subscription programs come in.

Signing up to an aesthetic subscription and becoming a beauty member with your favorite, board-certified physician means that not only can you nail your injectables and procedures with one easy monthly payment, but you can now include skincare in your membership.

So, how does it work? After being prescribed the exact medical-grade products for your concerns, your physician adds these products to your treatment plan and they are delivered straight to your doorstop on a regular basis. This means you’ll never run out of product again, plus you can pay for everything (skincare, injectables, laser treatments, the works!) in monthly instalments. You can also keep track of your skincare schedule via the super convenient HintMD app and even make adjustments to the frequency of your deliveries if you think you might run out before your next due date. Clever huh?

We recently launched this initiative with one of our favorite brands, Alastin Skincare, with more top-grade brands to follow soon, so ask your physician today about including products in your membership plan. You won’t regret it.