Medical-Grade Skincare: Not Just For Your Face

Serious skincare enthusiasts know that looking after the face is just the beginning of the perfect anti-aging regime. Obviously, the skin on your face is super-important – it is the first visual skin reference you portray, after all – but a soft, baby skin complexion is wasted if the rest of the body has been neglected to within an inch of its life. Sad. Times.

This is why we’re all over medical-grade body treatments, just as much as facial skincare. And you should be too, btw. So, herein, the latest products that are totally on point for ensuring you maximize your best skin south of that pretty face of yours…

1. Revision Skincare BodiFirm

Launched earlier this year, Revision Skincare BodiFirm is fast becoming a big favorite for helping tighten, firm, sculpt and lift the skin. Because we know you want all of those things not only for the skin on your face, but for those slightly less toned areas on the body, right? Containing a patent-pending iFirm Technology, this light yet super-effective lotion blends peptides, antioxidants, botanical extracts and a prebiotic to tackle sun damage, dehydration and thin, sagging skin. Believe us, it does not mess about.

2. ZO Skin Health Body Emulsion

Yes, yes, we know body moisturizers are a dime a dozen, but multi-action body moisturizers that not only hydrate and strengthen the skin, but exfoliate dead skin cells, brighten brown spots and help promote radiance and an even-looking tone? Now you’re not so sure your three buck drugstore cream is quite up to scratch, are you? Then say hello to ZO Skin Health Body Emulsion which does all of the above… and more. It harnesses the power of retinol, along with glycerin, urea, vitamins A, C and E, plus something called diacetyl boldine with inhibits the visible effects of melanin production. All this means it pretty much does everything bar the dishes. A must.

3. Alastin Skincare Transform Body Treatment with TriHex Technology

TransForm Body Treatment is the first non-facial product to join the Alastin range and does for your body what the rest of its award-winning TriHex Technology products do for the face. TriHex Technology is a proprietary blend of peptides and other key ingredients developed to support collagen and elastin production, while soothing inflammation, aiding recovery and maintaining the effects of rejuvenating procedures. The body lotion also uses a patent-pending LipoDrone Delivery System to help accelerate the body’s natural removal of post-procedure fat debris, which means that if you apply it twice daily, you’ll benefit from significantly enhanced results from body contouring procedures such as cryolipolysis and laser therapy. Oh, and BTW, it also works as a very effective moisturizing, anti-aging body product to improve firmness, crepiness and poor texture.

4. Neocutis Micro Body Rejuvenating Cream

If you’re looking to take your anti-aging moisturizing regime further than your neck and décolletage, then Neocutis Micro Body might be just what you’re looking for. Free from color additives and fragrances, this super-powered body cream is ideal for hydrating, exfoliating, revitalizing and retexturizing aging skin. How so? Through a carefully curated combination of salicylic acid, peptides, ceramides, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and more – that’s how. Together these work to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while infusing the skin with moisture and minimizing rough, bumpy patches. Apply it morning and night for visible results within weeks.

5. Rêjuvaskin Stretch Mark Cream

Cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera combine in the delightfully rich Rêjuvaskin Stretch Mark Cream to offer superior moisturizing for dry skin. Meanwhile, ceramides help prevent collagen breakdown and polypeptides stimulate collagen production which makes for a pretty impressive targeted stretch mark cream that’s recommended by physicians all over the world. It is deal for women during pregnancy or for anyone experiencing weight change or growth spurts when stretching of the skin is at its peak.