Maximizing with Membership – Made Easy

The one thing better than a steady stream of patients is a steady stream of members – patients that are as committed to maintaining their look. You can give patients a clear path and plan to their desired outcomes with flexible, personalized membership plans that make treatments more affordable. Memberships give patients multiple payment options – and simple treatment subscriptions – so they can commit to the treatment regimen that’s right for them. Memberships build loyalty and elevate patient experiences – driving a healthier bottom line for your practice.

Patients on a membership plan get treatments 2.6x more often than non-members.

Subscriptions So Simple, They’re Second Nature

With the HintMD Terminal, building membership programs is point-and-click simple. Customize treatment offerings, frequency and pricing plans to create personalized programs that make members feel truly connected to your team – and drive more frequent return visits.

Flexibility: Made-for- Members Care

Customizable membership plans let you design a personalized treatment plan for your patients using your recommended treatments and products. Flexible payment plans are designed to fit any budget and set the stage for introducing new treatments during future appointments.
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Consistency: Regular Care Scheduling

The numbers tell the story – members visit a practice 2.6X more often than non-members. Mapping a regular treatment schedule – with flexible payment plans that fit – makes regular visits a no-brainer. Maximize results and build a tighter bond between members and your practice.
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Loyalty: Inner Circle Status

Memberships make it easy for practices to take extra special care of their valued regulars. Boost patient experiences with special VIP-only access to priority scheduling, new product launches, specials and discounts, free samples and friends and family benefits to share.
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Membership by the Numbers

On average, patients pay
1/4of ongoing treatments costs each month
$200kincreased annual revenue
98%member satisfaction

HintMD and Marcus Medical Spa


  • "Before HintMD, 50% of my patients did not follow their prescribed treatment plan for Botox. Our subscription model allows patients to budget the treatments so they can achieve their desired look not just once, but all the time."
    A. Jay Burns, M.D.
  • "Automated, customizable memberships for recurring services ensure uninterrupted results for patients and unparalleled retention for physicians."
    Stephen Ronan, M.D.
    Blackhawk Plastic Surgery
  • "My patients love the offers from Brilliant Distinctions. HintMD makes it easy for my staff and patients to look up and redeem offers that help drive loyalty."
    W. Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    Marina Plastic Surgery

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