Love Is… The Perfect Treatment Plan

While diamonds, chocolates and the finest champagne wouldn’t go amiss this Valentine’s Day, we’d put money on the fact you’d rather be gifted with the guarantee of enjoying your best skin ever, all year round.

Are we right, or are we right?

Enter the marvellous aesthetic subscription concept.

The pursuit of healthy, ageless skin can be a tricky one if you try to go solo. And this is why we created HintMD. Because everyone (yes, YOU included) deserves to live in their best skin, and we truly believe the best only way to achieve this is through a treatment plan that’s been personalized at the doctor’s office to suit you and you alone.

A personalized treatment plan is a unique, doctor-prescribed program that’s been curated for you and your skin, hair and body concerns. This plan may include anything from injectables like BotoxDysport, Restylane and Voluma, to chemical peels, HydraFacials, cellulite treatments and laser hair removal. It can even include medical-grade skincare such as Alastin Skincare, prescribed at the doctor’s office, then sent regularly to your doorstep, exactly when you need it.

In our opinion, doctor’s treatments are the only proven way to get problem skin to behave the way you want, particularly when the skin becomes less efficient with age. And when you add a bespoke, clinically-proven skincare prescription into the mix, what transpires are fewer lines and wrinkles, less noticeable discolorations and improved tone and texture.

Think of it this way: there’s your average, every day beauty routine blindly recommended by department store sales people or the latest Insta influencer, then there are medically-advanced treatment plans, customized by your doctor to suit your concerns, needs and even your budget. These plans offer far more visible results than caviar-infused night creams (what the…?) and snail slime skin serums (again, what the… whaaaat?) could dream of, provoking real change in the skin by renewing, reviving and rejuvenating it at a deeper, cellular level.

Whether your skin could benefit from dermal fillers, injectable toxins, microdermabrasion or some regular laser resurfacing, a treatment plan has it all covered. And being able to pay for these treatments in affordable monthly instalments, rather than in one big hit? Yes, the beauty gods have spoken.

Another major benefit a treatment plan offers is consistency. By signing up to a plan, you’ll receive a regular treatment schedule, including personal reminders so you’ll never forget a treatment or leave it too late. This makes it oh-so-simple to stay on-track with your appointments and a total cinch to maintain your youthful appearance all year round.

Often, a treatment plan will also include discounts on services, as well as VIP offerings such as a free syringe of filler after being on a plan for six months, or the chance to try a free HydraFacial after three months. So, not only are you a) maintaining great skin all year round and b) splitting up the costs into smaller, regular payments , but you’re c) saving major $$$s as well.

Especially if your significant other gifts you with a year’s subscription to kick you off, right?

Valentine’s wish list: done.