ICYMI, there’s a new dermal filler in town: say hello to Revanesse Versa

When it comes to enhancing your looks, little is more gratifying than dermal filler. Surgery aside, fillers are pretty much unbeatable at smoothing, softening and bolstering sagging skin and sunken features. A strong statement, but one we truly believe, here at HintMD.

A quick filler lesson: unlike neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, fillers have no paralyzing effect. Instead, they temporarily ‘fill’ or bulk up the tissues underneath your skin to help replace hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin that have been lost in the aging process. Injectable fillers come in a variety of forms to replace this loss of volume, but by far the most popular are those containing hyaluronic acid (HA).

Why HA? Well, hyaluronic acid is found in abundance in the skin’s structure where it acts as a powerful humectant, meaning it holds moisture to keep the skin soft, firm, plump and hydrated. Because HA is a naturally-occurring substance already found in the body, side effects from fillers that contain it (think tenderness, swelling, pain and bruising) tend to be mild. This is why injectable hyaluronic acid fillers are getting more and more popular by the day and why HintMD’s beauty members are huge fans. It’s currently the singular most popular enhancement procedure for members in their 20s – in fact, over two thirds of them have some kind of HA filler on their plan. That’s big.

Until this year, Allergan’s Juvéderm and Galderma’s Restylane were the biggest players in the HA filler game, but some stiff competition launched in January 2018 in the form of Revanesse Versa, and it’s already got the industry talking.

Versa, which was approved by the FDA in 2017 for the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and creases, uses a wet milling technology to create spherical and uniform particles which, according to the brand’s website, ‘provide the perfect balance between smoothness and volume.’

But what does that mean for you? And is it worth adding Versa to your treatment plan? We caught up with Megan Riely, Cosmetic Coordinator at Wellspring Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas who has been using it for the last few months – with very positive results…

Hi Megan. So tell us about Revanesse Versa. How does it differ to other fillers you administer at Wellspring Plastic Surgery?

“I’ve found that Versa is comparable to Juvéderm Ultra Plus, in terms of its thickness and application. However, it is way more cost effective for the practice, and for the patient, there tends to be less bruising and swelling than is often found after injecting a typical HA filler.”

What should a patient expect during the procedure?

“One big difference is there is no numbing built into the syringe, but I hear the manufacturers are working on creating a product that contains lidocaine which is great news.”

What kind of results have you seen so far?

“In short: less swelling and less downtime which our patients are very excited about.”

How long before benefits can be enjoyed and how long do they last?

“Like other similar fillers, the benefits are immediate and they should continue to last for up to a year. Patients who have Versa injected into the lips however, may notice their results wear off quicker due to the area moving so much. But this is normal for any type of filler.”

Are there any potential side-effects to be concerned about?

“The main side effects are a little bruising or swelling but I’ve noticed this is definitely less noticeable compared to other fillers I use at the practice.”

How would you sum up Versa in your own words?

“As a professional, Versa is a great product that has a significantly higher profit margin than similar HA fillers. Honestly, there really is no reason not to use this filler as a replacement for any area where you would normally use something like Juvéderm Ultra plus.

For the patient, the main benefits are the considerably less visible swelling and bruising, meaning they can get back to their normal lives pretty much immediately after their treatment.”

Less swelling, less bruising, more cost-effective, same great results? We think it’s about time you asked your aesthetic physician about giving Revanesse Versa a try, don’t you?