How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young, Always

Some women will try any curious trick or technique in pursuit of firmer, younger skin – from facial-massage to ‘the face bra’ (a rubberized mask that actually holds the face in place).

“But enough of the gimmicks and hype,” says Dr. Stephen Ronan, founder of Blackhawk Plastic Surgery And Med Spa.

“The only way to keep your skin looking young and resilient is to harness the benefits of Power Beauty – and by that I mean professional treatments and medical-grade skincare designed to achieve real change within the skin. When it comes to aging, there’s a lot within our control.”

Hollywood has, of course, known this for a long time…

Only a plastic surgeon can meet the needs of women seeking a significantly more youthful look, and only through the use of treatments such as lasers, injectables fillers, Botox and HydraFacials MD, which all lead to toned, dense and smooth skin. The face begins to lose its youthfulness when fat, elastin and collagen break down, all of which contribute to the first signs of sagging. Therefore, addressing all of this can help improve your appearance long-term.

Outside of the doctor’s office, you can also step up your daily beauty routine by protecting your skin from free radicals with treatments that come packed with antioxidants. Products with multiple antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and coenzyme Q10 usually give the best bang for your buck.

“Moisturizer can also help, since it increases the skin’s ability to repair itself and dehydration leads to oxidative stress, which generates free radicals,” Ronan says. “You can improve your natural moisture barrier with ceramides, fatty acids and niacinamide.”

Elastin is vital for skin’s bounce – it’s the same thing that causes your hair to stretch instead of breaking and snapping – and the body’s natural production decreases as early as puberty. Meanwhile, collagen keeps the skin smooth and firm. Smoking and sun exposure can decrease both.

“Using a prescription retinoid will help to stimulate the regeneration of both, and you can use it around the eyes as long as you make big sunglasses a way of life. Retinol can also show results in a few months with little to no irritation,” Ronan advises. Apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every morning, no excuses. The sun is hard to hide from, but exposure to it causes both elastin and collagen to break down and retinols increase sun sensitivity. Ronan recommends SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 30.

As for what you eat? It counts too. Consume more olive oil and green tea, fatty fish like salmon, along with dark greens, almonds and walnuts to keep your skin in plump condition. At the same time, avoid too much sugar, which leads to glycation and can weaken collagen and elastin.

“Looking good is about being well. It’s all about balance,” Ronan says.

Written by: Stephanie Simons