How Stress Is Ruining Your Skin

Have you been questioning yourself, your appearance and pretty much your whole life way too much, recently? Hey, you and us both;)

Ten years ago the world blamed glossy magazine for women’s body and inadequacy issues. Now, it’s social media. And while we don’t argue the fact that old high school friends looking inch-perfect on Instagram with their glossy lives and super-toned figures is kinda annoying, you’re smarter than to believe that faux reality, right?


But, let’s face it, as smart and confident as some of you may be, even the most calm among us suffer with stress on occasion. Whether it’s comparing yourself to your social media ‘friends,’ worrying about finances, or getting in a tizzy over your annoying significant other, stress is out there… and it’s killing your skin.

Stress manifests itself in no end of ways when it comes to your appearance, because where there’s stress, there’s generally a lack of sleep, a propensity to frown a lot and a habit of breathing poorly and shallowly. These all work together to create skin woes we do not want – notably, dark under-eye circles, dry skin, flakiness, acne, redness and premature fine lines.

Some of the most effective ways to deal with these concerns is at your physician’s office. Only the best aesthetic physicians can meet the needs of men and women seeking to undo the slings and arrows of what stress has done to their skin (thank you Botox!). And if you sign up for an aesthetic subscription in which all of your treatments, products and services are nailed in one monthly payment? Well, there’s one less stress to think about, just like that.

There are also other simple ways to help calm your body and mind when stress is trying to break you and your beloved complexion.

First and foremost, think about your breathing.

Your breath replenishes your body and affects your physical health and mental well-being tremendously. It’s the key to reducing stress and, quite literally, breathing life back into your skin. On the flipside, poor breathing can often lead to dullness, dark circles and so on and so forth. If your body doesn’t have enough fresh oxygenated blood, your skin will really suffer, which is not only a huge annoyance, but poor skin also makes all of your beauty and skincare products an enormous waste of time and money.

And nobody wants that.

If your life is fast-paced and super-stressful, try taking ten minutes of pure, uninterrupted silence (no music, no background television) every day to feel slightly more at peace. Be patient and consistent. Soaking up the stillness will restore your beauty balance and, as an added bonus you’ll develop greater focus and concentration for enhancing your work and daily routines.

Start with ten minutes a day and work up to an hour if you have the time. Actually, if you don’t have the time, make the time. As with skincare and aesthetic treatments, consistency is the key to maximizing results.

Throughout this ‘me time,’ concentrate on breathing slowly and smoothly, exhaling the ‘bad’ juju and inhaling the ‘good.’ Slow, methodic, rhythmic breathing will help regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, calm the heart rate and ensure your circulation is delivering the optimum amount of nutrients to your skin. 

Nail this, couple it with your very own curated treatment and skincare plan and you will see results in no time.

Stress? What stress?