Excuses For Not Wearing Sunscreen? We Don’t Buy Them

Thick, sticky, pore-clogging and tiresome to apply – when it comes to the reasons why people fail to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, we’ve heard them all before.

But the days of gloopy SPF ruining your makeup are well and truly over and frankly, most of these excuses suck. Ground-breaking technologies – especially in the medical-grade skincare market – have made daily sunscreens not only totally wearable, but (dare we say it?), enjoyable to apply. They can even make your skin look and feel better than ever.

There we go, we said it.

So, stop these lame excuses and protect that precious skin of yours by finishing your morning beauty plan with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. It’s basic common sense…

EXCUSE 1: “It’s Winter, I Don’t SEE Any Sun”


“Most people think the sun is less intense during the winter, meaning they’re less likely to apply sunscreen,” explains Dr. Stephen Ronan MD FACS, founder of Blackhawk Plastic Surgery in Danville, California.

“In fact, the ozone layer (which blocks UVB rays before they hit us) is actually thinner during the winter and 80 percent of the rays go right through those clouds, so when in doubt, always apply.”

The Solution: Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant Broad Spectrum SPF 33

This beauty combines hyaluronic acid for hydration, as well as antioxidants, microscopic oil-control sponges and water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen. Perfect for year-round protection.

EXCUSE 2: “Sunscreen Makes Me Breakout”

As an oily, spot-prone skin sufferer, HintMD writer Georgia is well aware of this problem and in the past, found herself avoiding sunscreen like the plague for fear of waking up the following day with a smattering of chin blemishes. But nowadays, thick, greasy formulas have given way to sheer, lightweight lotions that are mattifying and totally non pore-clogging (non comedogenic). And yes, this is even true of the higher factor sunscreens. Just remember to skip anything that’s loaded with emollients like fatty acids and plant oils and you should be fine.

The Solution: SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

With an oil-absorbing, protective base and a truly matte finish, this weightless sunscreen won’t clog pores but instead minimizes their appearance. Double whammy.


EXCUSE 3: “Sunscreen Messes With My Makeup”

Applying sunscreen first thing in the morning before your makeup is OK, but reapplying it later and ruining all that hard work? No thanks…

Sounds familiar? Then your best bet is to invest in a protective, broad-spectrum foundation for touch-ups throughout the day. We still advise applying your trusty SPF in the morning, but instead of reapplying it on top of your foundation later on, go multi-purpose with a protective powder base instead.

The Solution: Glo Minerals Pressed Base

With a broad-spectrum UV protection as well as countless antioxidant benefits, this mineral foundation gives a semi-matte finish and is perfect for touch-ups.

EXCUSE 4: “I Don’t Have Time For Another Step In My Morning Routine”

Really? One extra layer on top of your moisturizer is too time-consuming? OK, so how about investing in a sunscreen that offers light moisturization, protection, antioxidants and a perfect base for your makeup all-in-one? Now that’s what we call hard-working skincare that’s too good to resist…

The Solution: PCA Skin Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45

This one-shade-suits-all formula hydrates and primes your skin while offering a broad-spectrum protection that’s waterproof, yet light-as-air. No kidding. 

EXCUSE 5: “Sunscreen Makes My Skin Sticky And Shiny”

We hear you. We’ve spent many years between us with super-shiny skin in the sun, but thankfully those days are well and truly over because now we a) avoid putting body SPF on our faces (what were we thinking) and b) stick with medical-grade, UV-protective powerhouses that have been formulated to feel and look good on the skin. Look out for ingredients like silica or isododecane which are both great for absorbing oil, because whether your skin is dry, normal, combination or already oily, excessive shine sucks.

The Solution: Colorescience Skin Mattifying Face Primer SPF 20

Layer this lightweight, mineral primer over your moisturizer to help control oil and shine, while simultaneously protecting your skin and perfecting tone and texture.

EXCUSE 6: “Sunscreen Leaves My Skin Looking Ghostly White”

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the main culprits when it comes to chalky ‘ghost face.’ These active ingredients are found in most physical sunscreens because of their ability to reflect the sun’s rays. But for all their effectiveness, they can often lead to a white cast on the skin – especially noticeable under the flash of a camera. If you have dark skin, look for chemical sunscreens which absorb, rather than reflect damaging UV, or try a physical sunscreen that contains a slight tint to counteract any white glow.

The Soluton: Neova DNA Damage Control Silc Sheer 2.0 Broad Spectrum SPF 40

A warm tint gives this physical, broad-spectrum sunscreen major bonus points for leaving your skin protected and radiant with not even a whiff of a white cast.

Written by: Georgia Gould