Combat The Top 3 Signs Of Aging: Dryness, Loss Of Firmness and Hyperpigmentation

The fact that a multi-billion dollar aesthetic industry exists (which is, btw, expected to reach a whopping $265 billion in 2017) is proof many people are catching onto one simple truth: you control how well you age.

You can’t reverse the biological processes going on inside your body, but there’s plenty you can do to improve the way you look (and feel) thanks to advancements in aesthetic treatments and professional-grade products.

Other than maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, here are a few professional suggestions for combating three of the most visible signs of aging: dryness and thinning, loss of firmness and hyperpigmentation. Take that, Mother Nature.


How It Happens: With age, the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin begin to thin, which makes it harder to retain moisture and eventually leads to sagging and jowling. Loss of fat makes skin more fragile, while also changing the once-youthful contours of the face, making them more hollowed and casting shadows. What to do about it? Make moisturizers, oils and hyaluronic acid your best friends. Sebum production drops significantly in the skin as you mature and increased exposure to the sun means melanocytes get fewer and weaker. The result? An overall lackluster complexion and less of that bounce-back quality your skin once had after a night of no sleep or too many cocktails. Fight back by loading up on hydra-quenching masks and serums. We love SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. You may even want to add a liquid essence to your nightly skincare routine to lock in moisture (we stole that little trick from the Koreans). Essence is like toner, but retains more moisture and it gets applied before a toner. When it comes to preserving good skin skin, what’s one more little step, right?

In-Office Treatment To Try: The HydraFacial bestows clear, radiant, infinitely more hydrated skin instantly – and without the aggression of other facials. The order goes like this: cleanse-exfoliate-extract (via a vortex nozzle) and apply serum. There’s no redness left behind, only a spotless complexion that suddenly needs less makeup and has less pronounced fine lines. You have to experience this medical marvel to believe it.


How It Happens: At some point, fibroblast cells in the dermis that replenish the skin’s collagen and elastin slowly cease functioning, resulting in a loss of elasticity. Plus, the lymphatic system starts to slow down affecting the way, and the speed at which, your body gets rid of toxins. The skin eventually has a diminished ability to repair damage from environmental aggressors. That means it’s constantly under assault from free radicals, which rob the skin of essential cells. Fight the aforementioned dryness and free radicals with PCA C-Quench Antioxidant Serum. Offering superior protection from all that aging UV madness, it’s packed with stem cell extracts and vitamins C and E to ward off external offenders.

In-Office Treatment To Try: Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen and non-surgically lift, tone and tighten your skin. By targeting the deep layers of the skin tissue, it doesn’t disturb the skin’s surface and promises a fresh and rejuvenated look from your brow to chest. We’re big fans of the results, which also improve over time…


How It Happens: Even more bothersome than the wrinkles you earn after 40 are the brown spots that pop up and can prematurely age you up to 10 years. You see, with time, the skin becomes less even and radiant, and more blotchy and speckled as melanocytes – melanin-synthesizing cells – are exposed to the sun, free radicals and hormonal fluctuations. Melanocytes begin to overproduce melanin, making it unevenly distributed in the epidermis, most commonly on the face, arms, back, shoulders and hands. Obagi-C Rx Systems is one of the most effective skin lightening treatments available to correct the appearance of brown spots and aging skin. You’ll see mega results in just a few weeks.

In-Office Treatment To Try: The Perfect Derma chemical peel delivers dramatic skin improvements to all ranges of skin types using a key anti-aging ingredient never before used in a peel: glutathione (the ultimate deep-penetrating antioxidant). Visible and vast reductions in hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines and pore size can be seen with just one treatment.

Now… about what happens to the skin on your butt as you age. Actually, let’s not go there – you’ll just have to pay closer attention in the gym locker room.

Written by: Stephanie Simons