• A. Jay Burns, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Board-Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
    EpiCentre Skin Care & Laser Center

    Transforming EpiCentre with Aesthetic Subscriptions

    Data from pre-subscription patients vs EpiElite-member patients show:

    79%growth in treatments / year
    35%growth in average spend / treatment
    $1,083increase in revenue / patient annually

    “Over time, I realize that over 50% of my patients were not following their prescribed treatment plan for Botox. With this lack of compliance, I knew that their results would suffer, their patient experience would suffer, and ultimately my business would suffer.

    I made the decision to move my patients to the EpiElite aesthetic subscription model in an effort to increase their compliance by making their treatment plans more accessible.”

Total Member Impact

377EpiElite Members
$1,932Increased revenue per patient annually
$718k+$381,524 incremental revenue