The Power of Brilliant Distinctions® at Your Fingertips

We’ve partnered with Allergan to offer a modern point-of-sale platform that automates Brilliant Distinctions® in your practice. Thanks to our seamless integration, now you can:

As a result, you can maximize the power of Brilliant Distinctions® while delivering a superior patient experience.

Enroll Patients in Less Than a Minute

Enrolling new patients into Brilliant Distinctions® is quick, simple and easy – with just a few data points, the HintMD POS Terminal creates the patient’s Brilliant Distinctions® account.

Redeem Rewards Instantly

Our real-time link with Brilliant Distinctions® shows you eligible points, rewards and offers for every Brilliant Distinctions® patient. Best of all, these points can be applied towards the patient’s balance that day.

Automatically Reconcile Coupons

Integrated automation means no need for manual reconciliation. Once a reward is redeemed at checkout, it is transmitted to Allergan and the reimbursement is automatically submitted on your behalf.

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