Aesthetic Subscriptions: More Than Just A Pretty Face

Botox for those pesky frown lines… dermal fillers for fuller lips… a HydraFacial here… a chemical peel there… all these treatments are currently being crushed by beauty members nationwide. But did you know there’s more to an aesthetic subscription than the face?

When it comes to gaining full body confidence, curating a top-to-toe treatment plan with your aesthetic physician has never been easier. So, next time you pop in for your four-monthly fillers, you might want to consider some of these other popular procedures. Because legs need all the feels, too, y’know…

1. Hair Restoration

Whether you’re male or female, hair loss is no laughing matter. In fact, symptoms such as thinning hair, male/female pattern baldness, a receding hairline and bald patches affect no less than 50 million men and 30 million women worldwide. The good news is, thankfullly, those unsightly grafts and bad hair plugs of yesteryear have been kicked into touch with a much more effective way to restore hair loss: follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Unlike strip transplants where whole chunks of skin and hair are removed, FUE works by having individual, healthy hair follicles extracted from the scalp (usually at the back of the head where thinning is less common), then grafted one-by-one into balding areas. This gives a much more natural look and results in no linear scarring around the back of the head. Yes, it can be a lengthy process, often with several treatments required over a couple of years, but with results often lasting forever, FUE can be life-changing.

2. Simply The Chest

Nothing adds years to your look like a wrinkled, sagging or sun-damaged cleavage. So, why is it often left to its own devices? Let’s change that, shall we? Tackle discoloration and fine lines at the doctor’s office with something like microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more intense, we’re big fans of Ultherapy which uses ultrasound technology to penetrate deep into the skin to improve both texture and tone.

Another option is fillers. No, not the silicone type that give you a bigger bust. We’re talking about injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, most often used on the face. HA fillers have this fabulous ability to replenish lost moisture and enhance volume, which makes them perfect for the skin on your décolletage. And with immediate results and zero downtime, HA fillers for the chest are a great option to add to your top-to-toe treatment plan.

4. Underarm Botox

Do you suffer with excessive underarm sweating, or hyperhidrosis as it’s known in the biz? You’re not alone. This is why, way back in 2004, the FDA approved the use of Botox for adults whose excessive sweating does not respond to topical treatments. It works by blocking the signals sent by nerves to the sweat glands, temporarily paralyzing them and thus stopping them from producing sweat. Studies have shown that Botox injections can offer over six months of drier underarms.

5. Fillers For Your Hands

Certain fillers were appointed a suitable, FDA-approved treatment for the hands some time ago and these days they’re a go-to for many aspiring hand models and brides-to-be. 

Radiesse was the first injectable filler to be used on the hands and it offers great results for those searching for less bony-looking paws. Because it stimulates collagen it also offers long-term as well as immediate benefits. Which is nice. Your hands may feel a little numb post-procedure, and bruising or swelling may temporarily appear, but these issues are a small price to pay for achieving smooth hands that would make an 18-year-old Insta addict jealous. Are we right or are we right?

6. Flat Tummy, Here We Come

No non-invasive, stomach-flattening treatment can offer comparable results to a tummy tuck, but if knives and serious downtime are way out of your comfort zone, there are some very effective non-surgical alternatives for shifting stubborn areas of tummy fat.

Take CoolSculpting, for one. After gaining approval from the FDA in 2010, CoolSculpting (otherwise known as cryolipolysis) became one of the fastest-growing trends in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It works by using a controlled cooling system to freeze and destroy fat without damaging the skin. These fat cells die, then are naturally processed and eliminated by the body. The treatment has been approved to treat fat in various areas, including the submental area (double chin), thighs (chub rub), abdomen, arms and flank, along with bra bulges, back fat and that annoying area underneath the buttocks otherwise known as the banana roll. Worth a try? Dang, yes.

7. Bye-Bye Cellulite

While glossy mags may make us believe that celebs and supermodels are immune to the infliction of orange-peel skin, it’s worth remembering that 85 percent of women worldwide are affected by cellulite. There are no clear reasons as to why it occurs (sigh) and cellulite-busting miracle creams just do not work (double sigh). Sorry about that. The good news, however, is some aesthetic treatments (hello Cellfina, VelaShape, Cellulaze) really DO. And one of our favorites is the dermal filler known as Sculptra Aesthetic.

“Because of its ability to smooth the skin, Sculptra is often used to treat cellulite and get rid of those unappealing dimples in classically hard-to-treat areas,” explains Dr. Stanley Poulos, top plastic surgeon and partner at Plastic Surgery Specialists in Marin County, California.

What’s more, results can often last for Y. E. A. R. S.

8. Laser Hair Removal

Done with the chore of shaving, waxing, plucking and/or depilating? Then laser hair removal, paid for on a monthly subscription is right up your alley. Assuredly the safest and most efficient way to achieve permanently hair-free skin, lasers use light and electric pulses to heat the hair follicle and destroy its roots. This inhibits future growth, without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin. The good news is that even if your stubborn hair does regrow after you’ve finished a series of treatments, there tends to be less of it and it will also be finer and lighter in color.

More good news: advances in technology have now made it possible for people with dark hair and olive skin to reap the benefits of laser hair removal (lasers used to be only effective on fair skin).

The process does involve some commitment in the form of multiple treatments (think four to six sessions spread out over six months). Also, maintenance treatments are often needed after a few years to ensure that each hair is effectively zapped as it enters its ‘active’ growth phase.