Our Mission

HintMD developed a dynamic subscription payments platform to transform some of the most complicated aspects of patient interactions into highly satisfying experiences for the patient and the practice. We seamlessly automate and simplify loyalty programs to create better outcomes for patients and increase retention for aesthetic practices

Our Beliefs


We help aesthetic practices achieve greater patient satisfaction by making it easy to help loyal patients get the rewards they deserve. And the credit goes entirely to the practice because everything the patient sees is practice-branded.


Everything we do is designed to be user-friendly, so it’s easy to manage various aspects of patient interactions. By integrating payment with subscriptions and world-class rewards programs, we put the person before the technology to save everyone time and make it easy for patients to get rewarded for loyalty. Seamless. Effortless. Intuitive.


We see a need for creating more than just a better point-of-sale terminal. We know we can help practices achieve big goals and feel empowered to deliver best-in-class customer service experiences that awe and amaze patients and staff.

Management Team