5 Ways To Up Your Cleansing Game

Cleansing is like the American Idol of the skincare world. It’s part of life, but no one cares that much, right?


Contrary to the belief that moisturizing is the most important step in your beauty routine, cleansing is the absolute foundation for healthy skin. Start on the wrong foot and no amount of miracle cream will give you youthful, baby-soft, blemish-free skin. Sorry Crème De La Mer, but it just won’t.

If you find yourself skipping that pre-bedtime face wash because you’re too tired, too drunk or too plain lazy, it’s time to suck it up and learn to cleanse like a pro.

Here are our top tips for the perfect cleanse:

1. Do Away With Wipes

While they’re quick, convenient and super-useful for camping trips, festivals and in-flight cleansing, facial cleansing wipes are far from ideal on a daily basis. Some contain alcohol – the devil of skincare – while others are overloaded with fragrance and an abundance of preservatives. And because you don’t rinse your skin after using wipes, all this nasty stuff gets left behind to clog your pores and cause general irritation. Use them on the odd occasion? Fine. Every day? Bad.

2. Choose The Right Cleanser

Whatever your skin type, always err towards a gentle cleanser rather than a Mr Muscle, nothing-can-get-past-me type that does very little except strip your skin of every last drop of oil. Even oily or acne-prone skin should look for balancing cleansers rather than anything too harsh. Ask your doctor what they would recommend for your skin type and introduce it into your daily beauty plan immediately.

3. Master Massage

Facial massage is one of the best things you can do for your skin – but it shouldn’t be relegated to just your moisturizer. Take just a minute to massage your skin as you wash your face and you’ll instantly boost circulation and help lymphatic drainage for glowing, dewy skin. Use a facial cleansing brush daily, or simply use the pads of your fingers to work your face wash into your skin in light, circular motions. And don’t forget to pay special attention to congested areas like your nose, chin or forehead.

4. Double Cleanse 

If you’re a ‘the more, the merrier’ type of gal when it comes to your makeup, you might find that single cleansing is simply not enough. So for a truly effective cleanse, do it twice. First, take off your makeup (and in this case a wipe is allowed), then purify and properly clean your complexion with your physician-prescribed cleanser.

5. Use A Cloth

Using a washcloth to cleanse your skin might conjure up (not so fond) memories of your mom washing your face with a tepid flannel as a kid. But cloths are a great way to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate without the harshness of abrasive scrubs. After massaging your face wash or cleansing balm into your skin (see above if you’ve forgotten already), soak a muslin cloth in warm water and use this to wipe your cleanser away. Rinse and repeat until all traces of cleanser are down the plughole.