5 Radiance Boosters That Will Change Your Skin Forever

The difference between picking up nice-looking skincare from your drugstore and being prescribed results-driven skincare at the doctor’s office is huge when it comes to boosting radiance.

For a start, when you search for ‘radiance’ at the likes of Walgreens, heck even Sephora, you’re generally offered an array of face scrubs, primers, BB creams and undereye concealers. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love our make-up, but if we want to inject a serious amount of glow into our skin, medical-grade skincare is, quite frankly, the only way to go.

With it also being the season of hyperpigmentation – when brown patches start to reappear after just a sniff of sunshine – keeping discolorations under control is doubly vital in the bid for an even, youthful-looking glow. In summer, more than ever, the evil combination of damaging UV radiation and pesky free radicals (as well as hormonal fluctuations) causes melanocytes in the skin – the melanin-synthesizing cells – to overproduce melanin. This melanin likes to unevenly distribute itself in the epidermis, resulting in a blotchy, speckled complexion that can age you instantly.

“Hyperpigmentation can make you look up to 10 years older,” says Zanoli Kozlowski, national director of education and training at ZO Skin Health. “Therefore targeting hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone is one of the best ways to help create flawless, younger-looking skin.”

Obviously, like most skin-aging complaints, prevention of sun spots is far better than cure, so wearing an antioxidant serum, as well as a daily, broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital.

And yes, we do mean e-v-e-r-y day. End of.

Sunscreen – check. Antioxidant treatment – check. Now, for the the most effective, radiance-enhancing solutions available at the doctor’s office and your skincare plan is almost complete…

1. Jan Marini Skin Research Marini Luminate Face Lotion


To really kick discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles into touch, we’re kinda in love with this new non-hydroquinone, paraben-free treatment from Jan Marini. Using the brightening, anti-aging prowess of retinol, along with concentrated green tea extract and nonapeptide-1 (a powerful skin-lightening peptide) it helps lighten dark spots to leave you with the kind of radiance you thought was long gone. Cheers to that.

2. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

Suitable for all ethnicities, this daily radiance booster combines the exfoliating properties of salicylic acid, with ellagic acid and hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid to help fade pigmentations such as freckles and solar lentigines. Apply one or two drops every morning (before slathering on that all-important sunscreen) for a visible improvement in stubborn discolorations and overall luminosity.

3. ZO Skin Health Ossential Brightalive Non-Retinol Skin Brightener


If you’re down with neither hydroquinone nor retinol, this gentle brightening treatment might be just what your skin doctor ordered. Great for sensitive skin types or those who don’t require strong skin lightening, it harnesses alpha-arbutin (a bearberry plant extract) to inhibit melanin production, as well as vitamin C and exfoliating enzymes to encourage cell turnover. Say hello to brighter, more youthful-looking skin.

4. PCA Skin C&E Strength Max

Packed with two of our favorite antioxidants, vitamins C (20 percent) and E (5 percent) – the clue is in the name, right? – this morning correction treatment provides superior protection from environmental aggressors to help stop sun spots in their track. It also helps diminish hyperpigmentation and promote collagen and elastin production for stronger, smoother skin in just a few weeks.

5. SkinMedica Lytera Skin Brightening Complex

If you’re a stat fan, you’ll love this lightening serum from SkinMedica, because in studies, 79 percent of testers reported a significant improvement in the evenness of skin tone after using this for just 12 weeks. Its secret? Lytera®, a proprietery blend of skin-loving ingredients that work together to reduce the appearance of dark spots while brightening and evening overall skin tone. It also includes retinol, vitamin C, squalane and niacinamide for a veritable cocktail of anti-aging goodness.

Written by: Georgia Gould