10 Things You Need To Know About Treatment Plans

Let’s get one thing straight: we talk about treatment plans. A lot.

But we will never apologize for it. Treatment plans are what HintMD is all about, after all.

Like Kim Kardashian without contouring, or Bradley Cooper without his beloved Philadelphia Eagles, our aesthetic subscription platform without its treatment plans would be, well, it really wouldn’t ‘be’ at all.

If you’re new to HintMD, you may be thinking ‘treatment plans, eh?’ And rightly so, because in the years BHMD – before HintMD that is, dark days indeed;) – aesthetic treatments plans didn’t exist. If you wanted Botox, then you’d have to pay for it up front… and you may never get around to returning for another shot. If you fancied trying a chemical peel, you would put it on your credit card, and again possibly never have one again.

And while this is all well and good, one session of any treatment rarely keeps your skin looking its best in the long-term. And perhaps you didn’t even need a chemical peel, but might have benefited more from microdermabrasion, for example. Who knows?

Well, now you will know, because this is where a personalized treatment plan from a board-certified aesthetic doctor comes in. Think all of your skincare woes nailed by your chosen aesthetician, derm or plastic surgeon, without having to fork out for your treatments in one huge hit.

‘Tell me more,’ do we hear you cry? Go on then…

1. In simple terms, a treatment plan is a skincare regime, professionally curated by your chosen expert to give you the skin you deserve. It may include fillers, lasers, medical-grade facials, neurotoxins, the works, but instead of paying for these treatments in one go, you get to split the payments into low-recurring monthly instalments.

2. Your treatment plan isn’t about coming in for a Botox treatment, then going on your merry way until you fancy another one. We don’t know about you, but that doesn’t scream ‘plan’ to us. In actual fact, your expert will recommend how frequently you should return for top-ups and factor this into your plan. Between you, you may decide you need re-treating every six, four or even every three months. In this case, you will pay for your first Botox treatment over these months, then get a reminder when your next appointment is due and start all over again.

3. One of the major benefits of getting on a treatment plan is the consistency it offers your skin. After signing up for a plan, you’ll receive a regular schedule and personal reminders so you never forget a treatment or leave it too late. This makes it oh-so-simple to stay on-track with your appointments – absolute key to consistently beautiful skin.

4. Often a treatment plan will include discounts on services, as well as VIP offerings such as a free syringe of filler after being on a plan for six months, or the chance to try a free HydraFacial after three months. So, not only are you a) maintaining great skin all year round and b) splitting up your payments, but you’re c) SAVING $$$s as well.

No, this is not a drill.

5. Medical-grade treatments such as chemical peels, lasers and microneedling are the only proven way to get problem skin to behave the way you want, particularly when the skin has become sluggish with maturity. What transpires are fewer wrinkles, lightened dark spots and better overall texture, especially with continued treatment. Now, that’s not something you will ever achieve with a bunch of blindly chosen, pretty-looking lotions and potions from Sephora.

6. If you’ve reached the age where skincare is less about maintenance and more about total revival, renewal and rejuvenation, a bespoke aesthetic plan is literally ‘made’ for you. You can include all of your injectables and lasers into your plan and if you stick to it and never miss an appointment, you can be less dependent on makeup to look the way you want. Bonus.

7. Our partners are all board-certified experts in their field and are able to work aesthetic wonders to make you look your prime at any age. The key to making the most of your chosen expert is to listen to them, ask plenty of questions and discuss your expectations. Yes, the final decision on any procedure they recommend is yours, but don’t shut off your ears to their professional advice.

8. What if you want to change your treatment plan? No problem, you can change, add or remove treatments at any time, as long as you pay the full cost of any treatments you’ve already received. You will probably find your expert will change things over time, anyway. After all, your skin is constantly aging.

9. When you sign up for a plan, you will also receive access to our HintMD app. This offers information on your plan, gives you access to your schedule and allows you to directly contact your doctor, derm or aesthetician. Talk about making life simple.

10. Some of our partners also offer medical-grade skincare as part of their treatment plans. Medical-grade products contain prescription-strength ingredients that only physicians are able to dispense. This means that yes, they work, but no, they’re not necessarily more expensive than over-the-counter stuff, because when you buy a designer ‘miracle’ cream, you’re not just paying for what’s inside the bottle, you’re also paying for big bucks advertising campaigns, pretty packaging and celebrity ambassadors. Given the choice, we’d rather skip the frills and feed our complexions with high-performance active ingredients that promise powerful, clinically-proven results and get delivered to our doors as and when we need them. Beauty gods. Spoken.